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BMMF Pays for Patient’s Utility Bill

We received the following from Sparta Cancer Center:

Dr. Chatiwala has a patient who is considerably behind on his electric bill.  He is an active patient with us, receiving chemotherapy and unfortunately not doing well & has been in & out of the hospital.

He has not been working, nor has his wife due to being out on disability & having cancer herself,  limited funds & no extended family.  I was hoping this would be something the Memorial Fund could help with.

The utility bill was paid in full and we wish the family the best moving forward.

BMMF Pays for $500 Visa Card for Cancer Patient and Family

A cancer patient at the Sparta Cancer Center was in dire financial condition. His cancer therapy prevented him from working and the family was running low on funds. BMMF paid for a $500 VISA card so the family could buy food and other supplies.

BMMF Helps Woman with Hotel Expenses

A patient from Sparta Cancer Center was in need of shelter, since she was going to get evicted from her apartment. Our fund paid for a one month stay at a hotel, while paper work was filled out to apply for social security and disability benefits.

BMMF Helps Family with Medical Supplies

September 21, 2016

We were contacted by the Sparta Cancer Center business administrator about a family that was in need of some medical supplies. A patient, who is being cared for by her daughter, was in need of some medical supplies. Their insurance company was not going to approve the purchase, so BMMF financed the cost to the family so they could obtain the necessary equipment.

BMMF Helps the SCC Exercise Class Program

August 20, 2016

Our first disbursement of funds was to help the Sparta Cancer Center’s Pink Ribbon excercise program. The program was in need of getting new exercise  equipment for the class. BMMF financed the purchase of 3 new exercise balls, some weights and some elastic bands.