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Month: April 2017

BMMF Pays for Patient’s Utility Bill

We received the following from Sparta Cancer Center: Dr. Chatiwala¬†has a patient who is considerably behind on his electric bill.¬† He is an active patient with us, receiving chemotherapy and unfortunately not doing well & has been in… Read More

BMMF Pays for $500 Visa Card for Cancer Patient and Family

A cancer patient at the Sparta Cancer Center was in dire financial condition. His cancer therapy prevented him from working and the family was running low on funds. BMMF paid for a $500 VISA card so the family… Read More

BMMF Helps Woman with Hotel Expenses

A patient from Sparta Cancer Center was in need of shelter, since she was going to get evicted from her apartment. Our fund paid for a one month stay at a hotel, while paper work was filled out… Read More