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The Month Of May

This time of the year brings back many memories. Mother’s Day. Bernie’s Birthday (May 12) and the day she passed (May 14). Her memory is still alive in all of us that knew her. Her impact on other people’s lives is also still present. Through the Foundation that bears her name, we have helped so may cancer patients financially since 2016, when the Foundation was established.

Recently, the foundation has donated to a patient that needed extensive Physical Therapy to help with the side effects of her chemotherapy.

BMMF also pays for the monthly Sparta Regional Cancer Care Associates Exercise class that patients can attend free of cost. This contribution has been going on since June 2016.

During this time of the year we are asking for donations to her fund so that we can continue to help patients that have been diagnosed with cancer.

Thank you everyone who has donated in the past and we hope you can continue to support The Bernadette Melberger Memorial Fund.