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Latest BMMF Donations in 2021

We donated funds to a family to help with cancer costs for their daughter. We donated funds to cover transportation costs for a cancer patient’s CyberKnife treatment. We donated funds to pay for a patient’s chemotherapy treatment for… Read More

5 years ago…

On May 11, 2016 Bernie had surgery at Morristown Memorial Hospital to remove fluid around her heart. She was also going to have a drain put in to relieve the fluid build up around her lungs. On May… Read More

BMMF Covers Chemo Cost for Patient

The Regional Cancer Center of Sparta NJ requested if we could assist with chemo for a cancer patient. We agreed and covered the $900 cost for this patient.

BMMF Helps Patient with Transportation needs.

We will be paying the transportation costs for a patient from Sparta to Morristown NJ. They need to see a specialist and did not have the means at this time to pay for transportation.

Happy 60th Birthday Bernie!

May 12, 2020 would have been Bernie’s 60th birthday. We always have a fund-raising effort around this time. This year we received close to $1,100 from our friends, family and Twitch streamers (Chris Melberger and Chris Pszonek). We… Read More

Twitch Fundraiser: $7,000!!

Chris, Bernie’s son is a Twitch partner. He streams his social media content using Twitch and he had a 2 year anniversary stream on April 27, 2019. He dedicated this stream to his Mom and raised $7,000 from… Read More

Bernie’s impact on her students.

Since Bernie passed, we have received some emails, texts, etc. from her former students and how she impacted their lives. We are sharing them below: Hi. You don’t remember me, but my name is Jen. I played Field… Read More

BMMF Pays for Patient’s Utility Bill

We received the following from Sparta Cancer Center: Dr. Chatiwala¬†has a patient who is considerably behind on his electric bill.¬† He is an active patient with us, receiving chemotherapy and unfortunately not doing well & has been in… Read More

BMMF Pays for $500 Visa Card for Cancer Patient and Family

A cancer patient at the Sparta Cancer Center was in dire financial condition. His cancer therapy prevented him from working and the family was running low on funds. BMMF paid for a $500 VISA card so the family… Read More

BMMF Helps Woman with Hotel Expenses

A patient from Sparta Cancer Center was in need of shelter, since she was going to get evicted from her apartment. Our fund paid for a one month stay at a hotel, while paper work was filled out… Read More